Bridge Club Bern
Gerechtigkeitsgasse 12, 3011 Bern, Tel: 031 311 74 47
Student / Junior

Since 2000 the student members of the Bridge Club Bern are offering free lessons to fellow students who want to learn the card game that is played by millions of  people throughout the world.


Lessons take place at the bridge club (Gerechtigkeitsgasse 12 - see the end for full details) every Thursday at 19h00. The initial course has 6 lessons, starting on November 1st. Click here for a course outline. Although Bridge is a partnership game, there is no need to come as a ready made pair, there will be plenty of people available to partner.


Bridge has a reputation for being difficult, but in reality it can be learnt in a couple of minutes. Similar to chess, the difficulty lies in the mastering of the game. This takes time and patience. In each lesson we will learn some technique through the environment of playing cards - if only all university courses were as much fun! Formally, a lesson lasts a couple of hours, but all players are free to remain and continue playing. If you are interested to learn and join our student group of bridge players, or if you have any questions, then send an email at the following address:

Bridge is similar to Jass in many ways. They are both card games, played among four players who play in partnerships. But here are some of the crucial differences: 


In Bridge the pack consists of 52 cards; in Jass the pack consists of 36 cards. In fact the bridge cards are just the same as the Jass cards except they include the 5's, 4's, 3's, and 2's.

  1. In Bridge it is the number of tricks that count; in Jass it is the cards within the tricks that count.
  2. In Bridge all motion is clockwise; in Jass it is counter-clockwise.
  3. In Bridge you can play in trumps and no-trumps; in Jass you can further play in unterabbe and win nothing.
  4. In Bridge the suit order remains the same regardless of trump; in Jass the trump suit is ordered differently.
  5. In Bridge the only rule concerning card play is that, if you can, you must follow suit; in Jass you need not always follow suit, since you can trump whenever you want to.
  6. In Bridge one hand is shown to all players, and the partner of the open hand plays the cards from both hands; in Jass all hands remain hidden. The consequence of this is that luck is reduced in Bridge.


 A deal of bridge has five elements. First the pack of cards is dealt among the players. Following this a bidding auction takes place. A bid is an announcement of the form "if hearts are the trump suit, then I think we can make 10 tricks''. This might sound quite easy, but as we will learn, bidding is like learning a language: we will first need to learn the simple everyday expressions, and only later will we learn to speak poetry!  The bidding auction continues until all players pass and it is the highest bid that becomes the contract.  In other words, the contract is a declaration of the trump suit and the number of tricks that need to be made. Now comes the card-play. It is the job of the pair who bid the contract try to make it, whereas the defense try to break it. Hence either the contract makes or it breaks! Depending on which pair succeeds in their goal determines the result of the hand.


A feature of tournament bridge is that the same deal is played many times, resulting in potentially different bidding, different contract, different card-play and different result. It is the comparison of results which determines the winner of the deal. Consequently, luck is factored out, making Bridge a genuine game of skill. When you feel ready, you can join us and play in the regular tournaments that take place in the bridge club every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Friday and Sunday afternoons. If this is not enough for you, bigger tournaments are organised throughout the year all over Switzerland.


 The bridge club is situated at the bottom of Gerechtigkeitsgasse, on the corner of the left hand side when walking through the old town towards the bears (before crossing the Nydeggbrucke). We are on the second floor above the Cafe Treff. The door should be open, so just come on in and up. The nearest bus stop is line 12, Nydegg. There will be people there from 18h30, so please try to be on time so we can start at 19h00 sharp.