Bridge Club Bern
Gerechtigkeitsgasse 12, 3011 Bern, Tel: 031 311 74 47

History of the Bridge Club Bern 

In 1943 some members of the Lawn Tennis Club Bern (LTC) decided, that next to tennis, they would also play bridge. This was especially so during winter, when the tennis courts were closed. Marc Hodler intiated these bridge games and at the beginning they took place at the elegant Hotel Bellevue.


In 1947 the Cercle de Bridge du LTC Bern was finally founded. Founding members included Marc Hodler, Dr. Turrian, Hans-Fritz von Tscharner und Jürg Hodler. Since then membership numbers rose and the club's location changed on many occassions (Kramgasse, Gerechtigkeitsgasse, Spitalgasse, Bollwerk) until the club, under the name Bridge Club Bern, moved to its present location Gerechtigkeitsgasse 12 in 1998.


For the first 26 years (1947-1973), the president was Marc Hodler. Following him was Berni Marcuard (1973-1981), Verena Hess (1982-1984), Jan van Stuijvenberg (1985-1987), Heinz Maurer (1988-1994), Marianne Reis (1995-1999), Felicitas von Hurter (2000-2010) and since 2011 Ueli Bachmann.